...catatonic bunnies. (nakedstars) wrote in photogwhore,
...catatonic bunnies.

i'm going all anti-glam.
and back to classic BW.

i have another photoshoot from the day prior to this one.
where it really was just me and the camera.
i looked like butt.... and the lights were assy.
but i like the results.

ok. so some of them still ended up turning slightly glam.
but it was intended to be more classic than glam.
and the other ones embody my feelings as of right now.
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do I hear America's Next Top Model?
did you see that photoshoot with the vaseline?
that would be a fun one!
me and my friends are interested in trying that for fun.

the other one had NO props though. no make-up. no special clothes. nada.
just me and the camera.
I love black and white! So good.
thanks dude!

i'm all over it these days!