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photo whores unite

the unity of photo whores
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this is a community:
for narcissistic photography.
for people who just can't keep their fingers off the button.

photo posts are fantastic!

but please remember to:
.lj-cut more than a couple photogs.
.lj-cut non-work/parental unit safe photogs.
.scale to fit your photogs. (preferably: 200x275)

please feel free to put photos from anything up.
this is mainly about an obsession with a camera.
or your camera being attached to your body.
so even if it's a picture of the gum wrapper you dropped on your way to school today.... feel free to add it!
and there can never.... EVER.... be enough self-portraits.

pee ess....
jenny has suggested a use of whorish names for us folks.
such as "candy apple"
so feel free to be cheesed out with the rest of us and create a whorelike alias for your badass self.